Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

# 6

First, I hope this will be my last semester in CESL. CESL is a nice place that you can meet new people from different countries. I like to meet new people and learn more about other culture. The best time that I had in CESL was last semester in EAP1. In that class we were from 7 different countries. That was really fun. We learned many different things about other cultures. Since I start CESL in the last summer, people usually wonder when they know that am from Saudi Arabia. I think some people have no idea or different idea about Saudi women. I remember once in the last semester one of my classmates told me that he had a wrong judgmental about Saudi woman. Bet after he met me he found that he were wrong. Because, unfortunately, the media shows the women in Saudi Arabia are not educated or they don’t have a choice to study aboard. And also I remember I did a presentation about my city. I can still remember how my classmates were shocked with the picture. I know how the media always shows Medal East. So, I am trying as much as I can the good things about the women in my country and my city. I am really glad that I have the chance to study in CESL. Something maybe you don’t knew Anna that ma father was a CESL student before 35 years ago. In the end I hope I present the good picture about my country in all these days. Thank you Anna and thanks to all.
I will tell you Anna about my special day. Every girl has a dream about her wedding day. And hope every things will going well. I have two older sisters who I really love. They helped me in every detail in my wedding. We choose everything together from my wedding dress till what we will serve to inviters. Everything was ready to the big day. In that day I felt like everything is crazy. I was really nervous and worried. Everything went good till I started dress my dress. We found that the bouquet wasn’t the one we choose it before. So I start panic and almost cry. One of my sisters toke the bouquet and went to the shop that we bought it from. But she found it CLOSE. In my country the weddings start at 12 am and all the shops close at 11 pm, so that was difficult to find an open shop. She found a place they was closing the shop. She asked them to do a new bouquet the guy understands the problem and he tried to make calm. This guy made a really beautiful bouquet for free. When she came with the new bouquet I thanked god that I have my sisters. After that everything went great as a wonderful WEDDING day.
In Saudi Arabia some people celebrate Valentine’s Day. The stores start decorates with red and pink things. People exchange gifts. The gifts usually decorate with red and hearts. I remember when I was in the high school one guy wrapping his car with a red wrap to make it as a gift. This year I bought for my husband a red sand watch has a heart and LOVE letter. I bought a card with it. But I couldn’t found the card in that day. So I give him the gift and I told him that I bought a card but I don’t know where it is. In my son’s day care asked me if I like to bring a gifts for his classmates and teachers. I liked the idea, so I bought kid’s books to his friends. And notebooks for his teachers with cards. I liked that idea even if they are still young. But it is nice to keep it as memories. And a bought a card with my son name for my husband. My husband really likes it and he put it in his bored. In the United States people have different ways to celebrate. For me and my husband we love celebrations. so we try to celebrate every special events. And also we try to celebrate Islamic events. We celebrate my baby’s first birthday back home in December. It was my favorite because I love to watch him growing up.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Misunderstanding is easy to happen every time and everywhere. People can get Easley in misunderstanding when they meet now people, visit now cities, or learn another language. I remember first time when I came to the united state, I did know some English, I was always make mistake with using “join” and “enjoy”. That really cased many misunderstanding in that time. I remember once, me and my husband, were doing barbeque and I sow are neighbor and I start asking him to enjoin us!. I can’t forget his face what it looked like. My husband tried to correct me, but I wasn’t listening. Moreover, sure learning second language makes many misunderstanding for both the speaker and the listener. That is what happened with me when I used my second language. However, misunderstanding always happen in my country with the any new house made. In Arabic the word “put” and “throw” are sounds similar. First time when are house made came from Indonesia she wasn’t speaks Arabic. My mother asked her to wash the rice and put it cookware. But our house made hared it “wash the rice and throw it”. Therefore, she washes it and throws it in the garbage. It was a funny day, we ate are lunch without rice. Sometimes it happens even if people speak the same language. Misunderstandings cause a lot of problems between people. One person may say a word and he did not meant anything bad. But maybe the listener understands it in different way. I always try to say what I want to say clearly as much as I can. Because I don’t want anybody understand me with different meaning. hopefully you understand my writing clearly :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Country

In every time I meet now people or I go to now country, and the people know that am from Saudi Arabia, they start asking many questions. Most questions about, how rich I am? How we cannot drive cars? And how women can wear the black dress “Abaya” all the time?. So, I decide to explain some stereotypes that other people think about us. That is true my country own a lot of money because of the Oil, but that doesn’t mean all Saudis are rich. In my country we have different traditions and customs. For example, in Saudi Arabia women are not allowed to drive cars for several reasons. But in other hand, almost all the families have drivers to drive the cars for women. I think it’s much easier for me when some one else drove me. I don’t have to look for a barking or I don’t have to wait till the car gets ready. Moreover, I don’t have to take my car and go to bay some grocery. I can just send the driver over to get what I want. Besides, we just were “Abaya” when we go to any public place. And also if there a irrelative men. “Abaya” is a traditional custom in my country. Also people think that we should cover are face in the street. But that is not true; because we just have to cover our hire. Last thing that I want people know about Saudis, we are Muslims and the Islam is not like what is shown in the media. I know there are many problems happen in the world by people who said they are Muslims. But the Islam never tells the people to do bad things. Islam is means peace, who could something means peace do bad stuff like what this group of people doing.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

People who made Mark in my Life

“Every day we learn more from this live, no one born has knowledge,” Arabic quote, and I believe it. No matter how old is you, because how long you live, you will learn new thing every day. I had grown up in a small family, but with a lot of values and ethics. My parents teach my how to love and give and how to have conviction. I thanking God everyday for have my family. When I was a child I loved to watch my mother while she talking, walking or the way she dress, and try to act like her. Maybe till now many of her acting still am using it. Whilst I became a teenager I thought I knew everything and I can deal with anything. However, I was wrong because I found am learning new thing every single day. Later than, when I came to the US I found that am learning how to deal with different people, different culture and how to live and enjoy it. In these 2 years I learned many great values. My father always behind me, and I like to have his opinion in every step in my live. He never forces me to do something I do not like. Sometimes when we argue about something he always tries to be calm and give me right advices. As well as, I won’t forget my husband, the person who teach me how to love and how to be strong. Mohammed, my husband, had been the guy who changed my life. He is the one who I choose to start a family with. Now after I became a mother I also start learning from my baby a lot of things. My baby teaches me how to be patient, how to smile to everyone, and how to be more responsible person. Those are the people who have a mark in my life. And I know they will be always here for me. I hope I can tech my son how to respect the other and how to love himself.